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There is no template associated with this page, quite deliberately. The whole idea of this page is to keep it simple.

Part of that is:

  • The time (a) it takes to list a page should be short.
  • The time (b) it takes to delist a page should be short.
  • The delay between (a) and (b) should be short.
  • The time it takes to maintain and discuss this page and the system it represents should be minimal.

The boilerplate [[category:requests for stubification]] is only 39 characters long, and easily cut and pasted, and self-explanatory. If we have a template, even a very simple one to just cut down the number of keystrokes, we need to deal with whether we use subst: or not. Then someone is sure to decide it looks better with an image, and spend their time doing that rather than actually stubifying articles that need it. And we'll be off down a slippery slope. Andrewa 04:45, 26 Dec 2004 (UTC)


Here are some examples of VfD discussions that could have been requests for stubification instead: